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Off topic, but easy to search via 'thread title keywords'

I'm falling in love with fulvic acid. It brought clones in a shitty soil mix back to life, and it pushes white roots less than a day after it touches the plants. I've been spraying with a lil cocowet, and only hitting the roots on the smaller plants with it, cause I'm running low, but I would like to get a bottle of fulvic and run it straight through. I think that the amount of fulvic that I used last round may have been partially responsible for decent plants in a half assed setup.

I'm using the 'ful power' from BioAg, and WIN for them - they sent a sample of that and 'humisolve/ful-humix' (same product different names in CA & OR...) ~2-3mo ago. Now they're just about the only product that I want from the hydro store. Well that and the SN14 soy hydrolysate.

FWIW, I bet those 2 products could be thrown in the trash if I had a rocking worm bin.

PS, also considering picking up a $3 bottle of molasses
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