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Chana Masala
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Lord S, love the title of the journal. Any realtion to biggie smalls???

I hope so cause I am shouting you and biggie right now! If not the first verse goes "it was all a dream... [edit verse] i used to read high times magazine..." lol...

Sorry mate, back to the great pictures and I am looking forward to sharing some thoughts. Was hoping we could talk about the nanners my brother and what you think might of caused them i.e. grower or breeder. Many of us have been down this road before, and it would be great if we could understand what is the cause. I see there is also a thread right now about the same thing.

Love your thoughts about the finger and the missus, hahahaha. Weed snobs eh! Only we really know what the hell is going on... everyone else thinks we are nuts...lololol.

Talk soon when you have some time.



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