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Originally Posted by deran View Post
thx guys

went through some grow reports, a grower had them finished in oregon, now rza states they didnt finished at 39 which is further south than oregon, as far as my geographical knowledge is right

problem is, i dont have time for a pre run, this year is outdoors only for me, bc of higher forces, all i can do is, start them indoors for 2 weeks and transfer em out, and hope for some fast phenos at 45

i was under the impression that walkabout genetics are - fire n forget - type, meaning very vigourous, strong resistance towards pests n predators, not too touchy about temps and fast changing seasons, hence the name - walkabout ...

now, it seems i made the wrong choice, as most reports suggest, that they are the opposite for 45, meaning those r special genes which are better grown indoors bc of their long finishing times ... time will tell ...
Deran, they are "fire n forget" due to their toughness/landraceness I believe. At 45* (close to me), you will probably get a few that finish and a lot that don't. The ones that don't should make for some pretty exotic hash though...I have made immature sativa hash many times and it can be very pleasant indeed...
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