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Default waterfarms are the nuts

nice looking plants TFT,
is this your first grow in the waterfarms? are you running straight hydroton? what feeds are you using?

i have grown in them for years mate, if you run into any problems just give me a shout and i will help if i can, i think they are awesome, 4plants in 4 waterfarms under 1x 600w in a 120tent will give you 1g/w with quite a few strains without too much difficulty.(tent doesn't have to be mylar lined either the cheaper white lined ones will do it too)

is the plant in the farm in the back left of the pic the oldest or just the most vigourous? it will be a monster when you bloom it.
i flower around 10"-20" depending on known stretch and they usually finish around the 3'-5' mark with no room inbetween them. if you bloom out the farms with the potted plants the potted plants will lose out big style as the waterfarms will dominate the space, this has been my experience as i could never match the growth rates of the farms with my potted plants.

Crittically Smashed

all the best with your hydro adventure The Fijian Toker mate,
may your nuggs be dense and sweet.
catch you later,

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