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Originally Posted by jack hairy View Post
What kind of OG crosses would you guys like to see?

I have an OG that came from bagseed.
I know it can be hard to obtain cuts, so seeds are the best way to spread the genetics.
This og i have is pretty good, i just dont know what to cross it to without completely changing its charachter.
All the males i have coming will be sativas, they might make nice crosses but how could i retain a more dominant og seedline?
Maybe ill get lucky and get a few bannanas.
But what will the males be? Sat-dom OG crosses can be some bombbb dankness.

Just don't infect that tasty lemon pine hit with any lazy peanut butter sativa flavours and you'll be fine. Cross it to your piniest or most lemony male, regardless of strain origin. If you don't have any males that smell like lemon or pine to you I'd just go for the strongest smelling male.

So nobody trolls me about my "OG Knowledge" like when I mentioned smoking a local cut of Sour Deez that no doubt came from a pack of commercial seeds like almost all the "OG" out there - I have smoked probably 20+ different 'phenos' of OG.

Now, not having knowledge of the grow conditions or knowing the growers, I have no idea where the majority of these cuts come from. When I do find out though, familiar names start popping up.

Cali Connection
Basically whatever the hell attitude and/or gypsy are selling named "OG something"

I have personally grown the OG18 fem beans. Amazing plants.

Best shit I've ever had though, the sources were always very far away from me. Totally unreachable in fact. I used to buy off a fella operating a very well stocked dispensary in his home and he usually had at least 3 "grades" of og, often more. The top grade stuff was always the same, always the best and always the same, and his relationship with the producers was nill. It was very expensive.
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