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hi BB, i just wanted to say ty to ganjaman, before he got here people had to put up with jesse/hempy for years, ganjanman gets here and after a little while his 2 hero's delete their account , i know hempy had threatened to do this before ganjaman got here but how many times did we hear that , so now he has another hero he worships as well, cheesey lol, and guess what, cheesey has deleted his accounts on numerous canna sites as well,, now it could be just a coincidence im not sure but i find it very strange that hempy/jesse/cheesey all delete their accounts since becoming the objects of ganjamans affections. ( and how long were they on the canna sean for as well )

when you post up other people's grows ganjaman and claim them to be your own, people lose trust in you very quickly, they start to ask themselves like i did what did you have to gain by posting pics saying they are yours ??? and when you were asked to post up proof that your 2nd grow was your own you could not do it, went mental and got yourself banned for a second time, and you continue to post up pics while trying to gain other people's trust by luring them into a false sense of security by claiming you know nearly everything cannabis related while trying to answer question by constantly giving false or wrong information which says to me you know fuck all, you dont have your own grow and your a complete fannyman, i honestly believe if it was not for you and your hero worshiping lol, hempy and jesse would still be here and now cheesey is gone as well, coincidence maybe ??? dont think so
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