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Old 10-07-2011, 07:11 AM
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Originally Posted by jack hairy View Post
one thing that always concerned me when thinking about this is that some nutrients might need to be shaken up before using.
if you have a capillary tube connected to each of your nutrients, but the jugs are just sitting there, you might be sucking up different nutrient content from the same bottle depending on how much is in the bottle and if its sucking off the bottom or if its skimming from the top on a little float.
i guess you might need to incorporate a paint mixing type rack if you are using organics, or just use a basic synthetic fert that doesnt need mixing!
Now that is something i have never thought of. I would like to take this discussion further regarding the automated mixing of nutrients. If you get pumps that pump slow enough to pump millileters then using some timers we might be able to get it right...?
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Old 10-07-2011, 01:27 PM
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well, i have a friend that told me he could build it for me. he works in a soap suppy business that also does repair work to washing machines and dish washers for industrial use. they use automatic soap dispensers in those machines, its all automatic.

as far as the mixing, body shops have racks that the paint is kept on and every can has a stirrer that is built into the lid. you slide the can in position and it interlocks with a mechanism that spins the stirrer.
id imagine something like that could be adapted and you just put your nutrients on the rack.
or there are the individual shaking type of paint mixers, but id imagine that would be expensive to have one for each type of nutrient.

for simplicity and to avoid that whole ordeal, it may be better if you were there when the reservoir needed changing, shake the bottles up yourself, then hit the button to start filling the res. its still much easier and quicker than having to measure and add everything yourself. and what if you use powders? dont see an easy way to add those except manually.
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Old 10-11-2011, 02:45 AM
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Default $$$$$ to automate a Rez change

Given enough time and money, anyone could build a system that could automate a Rez change ............. but are we THAT lazy? I know I don't have several thousands of dollars to spend to eliminate 1/2 hour with my plants once a week.
I use a simple float valve to maintain levels from my Rez to my buckets during the week to 10 days I go between flushes. Through careful tracking, I have been very successful estimating pH variables during each phase of plant's life.
I have added temp controllers to all my fans to 'slow them down' or 'turn them off' when not needed.
I have a chiller to run a 'sealed room' and run stainless steel tubes through each bucket to keep the roots at 70 F. The chiller keeps temps in the low 90's for the sativas I grow.
I have CO2 running during the light cycle controlled by a timer, just like on the 1000K HPS.
Timers are a great way to reduce the "Farmers" time away from the family. Except for pruning, I spend about 20 minutes a day on checking/adjusting conductivity and pH.
Anyone have a way to reduce 'Pruning Time". My hands give out before the prune job done. Always another day ......... we hope.
'Lizzie', our 14 year old Yorkie had to leave us last week. We knew, and more importantly Lizzie knew, her time had come. Never any fun but we all live through it.
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