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Old 05-12-2011, 12:07 AM
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Default Growing in a ... wardrobe?

Hey guys

I am a total indoor grow niubi.

Well I looked at these homebox things. I dunno, they don't really look cool and are probably pretty loud.
So I browsed for a tutorial on making a growbox
I found:
Grow Box Tutorial Page 8
keep in mind this is page 8 of 35 :-D
okay not the right thing for me.

So I thought about buying a cheap wardrobe and just stuffing all the vents and stuff inside. Actually what I have to do is 'just' put some foil inside and make sure no air gets inside (haha sounds easy)? Probably somehow install some hooks for the light and the air thingy

So I saw a cheap used wardrobe which is 185x58x100 cm
I saw there is people who measure things in feet (omg how long is a foot?)

so i googled it, it's
6ft x 1.9ft x 3.3ft

Just interrupt me if I'm completely off with my idea.

So I don't know what single items I need but I guess there are some guides out somewhere which help.

What - in my eyes - is a bit critical is the light. I am discussing it here sodium discharge lamp vs fluorescent tube

if you guys don't like the idea of a wardrobe... which homebox size would you suggest to me? I'm a beginner and I heard small boxes are harder to deal with.

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Old 05-12-2011, 12:53 AM
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you could buy 2 of those wardrobes. Take the back off one of them and open the doors on the second. Place the open backed one to the doors of the other one. You then have doors that open and close on the one with no back into a space of (using your measurements) 5ftx3.3 ft x 6ft high. You then grab a broom handle and run it over the top of both wardrobes and get a chain to hang the light from that into the gap in the ceiling created by the open doors (hope youre following this). A lot of the heat will rise through the open gap rather than getting trapped by the top of the grow box. If the heat gets too high, you can open one of the doors (on the wardrobe with no back) and aim a fan through the door. This wont be stealth by any means, but if thats not a problem its a really simple and effective method.
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Old 05-12-2011, 09:01 PM
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well but I _must_ stealth, so I fear this is no option. :-S
but thanks for the idea
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Old 05-19-2011, 04:42 PM
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pity MNS not choice to delete user account to tinleefloufa

such is life

am self delete

MNS and especial JessE am request to delete account
rather to grant such request
am force to remove thinks to self delete

pity such behavior indeed

you to choice am within limit option to choice
thank you to being such difficult

pity indeed

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Old 05-25-2011, 01:47 AM
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Default Hope your handy

If you got the skills, here's a fridge grow.
DIY Grow Chamber - NO SHIT - CHEAP AWESOME AND SAFE, but you be the judge! - DAY 1

Here's an armoire grow. It's very stealth.

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Old 05-25-2011, 02:30 AM
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Hi Toscan. You need to consider quite a few very important factors first up.

For starters, what light are you going to use? Well that would be either a 400w or a 6oow but depends on what size box you can have because the diff between a 6oow & a 400w is quite a lot in terms of heat build up in an enclosed space, what sort of temps are you going to be growing in light on/off? Do you have to have the light on during the day for stealth reasons or will the midday temps be too hot to do so anyway? What sort of ventilation system you can have, are there windows or vents for intake/exhaust, how will the the box be constructed, and most importantly how many $$ do have to spend on the setup? If you can afford thermostatic controllers that makes a difference, will you be able to afford to add supplemental heating during light off, or will you be relying on the bulb to heat the grow to the req'd temp which means you have to run the light at night? Well that depends of the outside temp if the light is on at night? Is the box going to be in a hot place or a cool one? Will the box be in an air conditioned room or a sunroom? Lots more info on the conditions that the box will be subjected to please Toscan. You can tweak a box a little, but it has to be close to right or you will find that you should have got a 400 instead of a 600, or a bigger cupd. Just off the bat I'd say you are up for a 400w unless you are growing in a cold climate and then the 600 is a better option. Are you good at DIY & do you have the tools if you are?

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