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Lol, yo BAM, that was the taste of a ssh that I had and lost. I really liked it actually ;-) Just add a lil haze to your description. I have a seedplant that looks like it finishing up now.

Honestly, I can't think of any bud that I've grown myself that I didn't like the taste. The only time that I don't like the taste of pot is if it is cheap, which means bricked, which means that it is a lil moldy somewhere, and seedy, and sometimes decomposing, and sometimes still wet... yuk... I can see how people would not like distinct flavors, though (haze, skunk, burnt rubber, licoriche, fruit, fuel, etc...) I LOVE em all. To me, the smell is the tell, the stronger the better.

It makes me wonder exactly what simon @ serious seeds used to make that ak/47 with that odd taste you love so so much barletta, lol but each to there own eh mate, HOWEVER" hes responsible for other strains i despise like the bubble gum plant, more of a chicks plant that one, ha a good looking plant all the same.
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