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Originally Posted by Dakyne View Post
In this first thread I will explain some very easy and basic ways of converting your grow room from manual to semi-auto, at a very low cost. No need to purchase expesive data loggers or grow room controllers. Once discussions are closed a proper thread will be opened with adjusted information. I would like this thread to be a useful tool for the inexperienced grower.

Both hydroponic and soil can be made semi-auto very easily!!
All you need is a reservoire with your nutrients premixed for the week/month/feeding/etc. Airstones can keep the water fresh and a pump on a simple timer can be used to refill the hydro tank, or water the plants if your in soil. A timer on a valve can drain your hydro tank as well.
This leaves only nutrients to be mixed and ph to be checked.

I hope this has helped. Feel free to ask me any questions or make suggestions related to this thread in here.
Hi Dakyne,
quick suggestion:
When you give advice like (a timer on a valve can do that . . ." it is far less helpful than if you offered sources for specific parts that can be used to cheaply control these systems (electric valves that can be turned on / off by a timer.)
Also, I find that nobody discusses the duration or the interval of watering and how to make a good decision about those settings.
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