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Default An approach to breeding - would this work?

Shown is an annotated diagram of the approach to breeding I'm thinking of trying, but I wanted to get the opinion of you guys first. As you can see, the P1 is Black Widow (Mr Nice) and Lebanese (The Real Seed co landrace strain). I was originally going to use Mazar-I-Sharif and I may still do as well, but for argument's sake lets just assume the Leb will be used. As shown on the diagram, a male and female Black Widow and Lebanese will be selected, respectively. The main criteria will be early maturation and high THC/potency, but I would also like to select for colour, yield and a short stature as secondary criteria. These select individuals will be crossed to produce F1 progeny. The best male and female individuals from the F1 generation will be chosen according to potency and crossed to produce F2 seeds, whilst the earliest maturing male and females will be crossed to produce a second F2 line. The F2s will be crossed to produce F3s and the process repeated until the F4 generation. Finally the two F4 lines will be crossed to produce a new F1 cross (the diagram allows you to visualize the process).

Would this work?

An alternative method would be to take the best Lebanese female and cross it with the best Black Widow male to produce an F1 cross. The best female F1 individual will then be crossed with the P1 Black Widow male. The process would be repeated with the best female from this cross being crossed with the original Black Widow male and so on 3-4 times until the strain would, I assume, breed true for selected traits. I could do this for one line, selecting for potency and yield for example, and another (using the same Leb and Black Widow strains but different individuals showing different selected traits) to select from early maturation. Once I create the two lines that breed true for potency/yield and early maturation, I would then cross them to produce an F1 cross and restore hybrid vigor.

Would both of these methods work? Which would be better? Any comments?
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