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Originally Posted by badrabbit View Post
.. who's the Nordle-est of them all?

All right, here goes, BadRabbit's 2011 Nordle grow.

Up front, I've had germination problems ...I'll report the details as I go because some are still threatening to pop, but not good.

Howevuh, see pretty young Nordle's below ... the one in the back right corner is actually a Purple Peyote from CBG, and the two out of the pic but visible on the side are both super lemon haze ... the four handsome ladies, we hope, centered in the frame, are Nordle's. (The seeds shown seem to be among the many non-starters)

There are four more seedlings that have sucessfully rooted and will enter life a good 2 weeks behind the 4 shown.

Damn I'm excited about this grow ... nordle, nordle, nordle, funny titles for every post. Looking for rich, tasty hard hitting Indica leaner with good yield and reasonable finish time. I shall report when I can ....
Greetings Badrabbit,

Just ordered some Nordle, so I'm excited to see how you do and how things turn out. Any good tips or recondmendations would be helpful in dialing these beauties in.

Best Regards

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