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Default What is your Least favourite Tasting Marijuana brand.

Lets see what your least favourite TASTING variety of Marijuana is)

Remember its only the worst tasting strain of any plant from any seed bank world wide, the high and the yield do not comply here either folks, !

And please dont take it to heart if you grow or like the plants mentioned in this worst tasting bud thread, each to there own as it were)

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The AK/47)

Ak/47 - Ive never tried this brand cured, Ive only smoked dried and would like to hear from those who have growen it and cured it' if that funny undescribable mould & peppery like taste goes away when it is cured, ?

My friend who grew it had to stop re'producing clones of it because nobody would give him the top dollar he wanted off his clones anymore because of this odd taste and soon abandened the Ak/47 for tastier treats.
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