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Thx that mother plant is 1 half year old Nebula Haze.
I have now anther gentics here small list :

Mothers Finest - Sensi Seeds
Amnesia Haze Ibo/Core Cut
Amnesia - Hypro cut
C99xNL - Female Seeds - more of C99 side
Jack Herer K.O pheno - Sensi seeds - good selektion whit K.O effect
Grüne Hessin - Local cut from my country (Jaggen x Warlock)
Sogauda G13Haze pheno - Soma cut
DeepChunk - Hill tempel Collecitv cut
Sweet Tooth 4 - Alpine Seeds
Sweet Skunk - SoL cut
Cinnomen - Female seeds
SweetPinkGrapefruit - SoL cut
ED Rosentahl Super Bud - Sensi Seeds
Casy Jones IBL - Head Seeds
Strawberry Cough x Bubba Kush - OGRASKAL Cali Connetion
P.75 ( C99 - 75%) - Brother Grimm Seeds
Trainwreck - GHs is original cut. i think is arcade cut
SuperlemonHaze - GHS (63days)
Sour Diesel Ibl - Dansk Cut

but came more in the next time
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