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Default Ortega s Book of infos

Hi everyone from MRN.

I ve bought a pack of Ortega from MRN hoping to find one or many good keeper/s.
This Nl1xNl5 cross interest me a lot and I was looking for such strain from a little while now. Shanti did it and I thank him for that.
I read many things (but not enough info about the strain) and it seems this peculiar strain is very sensitive so I figure I start this thread up to collect experiences and advices from all type of growers.

This thread is/should be informative and is in no way a place to bash each other or hate each other. All comments good or bad are welcome here as long as they are informative and that they can be usefull for the grower community wanting to try this variety or even inform themselves about it.

I will also start to post about my own experience with this variety in a couple of weeks or so when the grow room will be ready.
Technikly,, it should be interesting! Hopefuly I ll be followed by many in this adventure.
Mango & few more

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