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Originally Posted by Celtic warrior View Post
Hey all, i'm fairly new to this forum but i have to say that hempy is the only one in this thread that's given me any useful info since being here.....the rest of you are nothing but trolls who haven't a clue about what this forum was set up for and only ruin every thread ye poke yer noses into (these days seems like every thread).....I really don't want to see hempy leave and would love to see all the rest of you trolls with yer fingers removed so ye can't type anymore......So hempy please stick around as i for 1 value your opinion.....the rest of ye FUCK OFF and stop ruining this once awesome site.

not true Celtic warrior lol

Risks of posting??

as you say yourself CW your fairly new to this forum, but what you will find is this shit has been going on for years, its noting new m8 and it will continue to carry on for years, hempy aint gonna change for no1 and i dont think any1 else is as well and i dont expect them to as well, hempy can be his own worst enemy at times, while im not saying its all hempys fault, he dont help things with his reply's is all im saying, as i say its not all hempys fault and im not blaming hempy for anything, its just the way he is, but your right CW its not nice to feel threatened or you feel your under attack from every1 and everywhere and for that i got sympathy for hempy as its seems the guy cant cope with it too well, seems to be really getting to him and tbh no1 should have to be having to deal with shit everytime they log in, so maybe its time you brought out the white flags hempy and just this once m8 say fuck it, im pretty sure if your opinion of others changed hempy so would their opinion of you, if some1 attacks you hempy you attack back, maybe try it the other way for a change m8, not saying get lubed right up lol, just saying maybe a different approach is in order m8, im pretty sure there is some that would want you to leave, but there is others also that would want you to stay, hempy if i got something to say to you m8 or something you said that i dont agree with, dont mean we have to be falling out over it because i disagreed with what you said, that shit happens every day m8 in real life and on here, if some1 disagrees with you it dont mean they think your talking shit, it just means they dont agree hempy that is all, try not to take thing to personal m8 is what people are trying to say to you.

ps, congrats CW for reaching senior member.