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i feel for you dankind. my last war with the groundhog was also the absolutely perfect spot. it was a fenced and gated country cemetary that was several acres in size but burials were rare. the terrain was rolling so i could enter and hide my van behind the hills and not be seen, and i had a key to the gate. the spot was surrounded by farm fields but the sloughs were the home to a herd of groundhogs, probably one of the most territorial beasts in my country. they refuse to allow other animals to live in their lands. your plants are ripped out of the ground and torn apart. they do not like them, they don't want you on their land. my first move was traps but if you are not on your trapline at the crack of dawn these loathsome creatures will chew a leg off to escape. i would replant with new tactics, they would go around and tear out plants until finally i started up with the poisons. a special license is required for the best poison baits which i do not have. so i resorted to rat block, ending up buying it in 45lbs. buckets. i spent almost $600 that summer on rat block. some died. ant poison contains arsenic and i started filling the holes in the rat block with it. eventually the stench of death hung over that entire valley. but i could not get them all. in later years i set a few plants and the very evening, the hogs would tear them out. so i moved from there but good luck and peace-biteme
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