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Originally Posted by hempy View Post
Yes and the Cali kush squadron relied on the dutch genetics also lets be up front and honest here for a change.
Alright, I'll be up front and honest:

STFU because you haven't got a fucking clue...

How many Kushes from Cali or the West Coast have you grown? Ever grown Bubba Kush, OG Kush, Chemdawg etc etc?

I have grown them, most of my friends have too, therefore we know all about them, clearly you don't!

Nevil's Kush-type plants were NL2 and Kush #4, both of them he received from Jim Ortega/Dogless....

And where does Jim Ortega come from (clue is in the name)...

Kush comes from the Kush mtns, bullshit comes from Jesse, hatred comes from hempy, let's move on, same old broken record here...
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