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Originally Posted by jondojoando View Post
hey all, hey nice.. i think if you're attentive to your plants, they'll let u know when they want and what they like... in the mean time, i 'd suggest educating one's eyes to what beautifully grown plants look like... lots of examples 'round the boards ( sweet place, this ) .. then the skies the limit! ya dig? cheers all . .. .jj

p.s. hope this helps somehow?!..
That's a good idea, thank you!

I think I've got the grow under control now. The plants have the right pH. I'm gonna change nutrients on sunday cause i put them in it on sunday, or should I wait a little longer? But the temp in the room and the temp of the water is about 82 with light on, 73-5 with it off. I don't have a humidifier, but i have a 15" pan that I keep filled with water, sitting in the light that is below the fan current, and it keeps it very humid in there. I'll cut the humidity when It's approaching harvest though.

It feels like a warm day in the Amazon Rainforest in my closet, now, since I put that BIG pan of water in there, instead of the small bowl I had. I guess all I do now is just change water once a week, change the MH to HPS and change cycle to 12/12 when I want to flower, and then just wait till harvest?

BTW jj, how big should I let my CM babies get before flowering? Dawn said they grow really slow in veg, but when you turn them to flowering, they turn into a monster.

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