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you could buy 2 of those wardrobes. Take the back off one of them and open the doors on the second. Place the open backed one to the doors of the other one. You then have doors that open and close on the one with no back into a space of (using your measurements) 5ftx3.3 ft x 6ft high. You then grab a broom handle and run it over the top of both wardrobes and get a chain to hang the light from that into the gap in the ceiling created by the open doors (hope youre following this). A lot of the heat will rise through the open gap rather than getting trapped by the top of the grow box. If the heat gets too high, you can open one of the doors (on the wardrobe with no back) and aim a fan through the door. This wont be stealth by any means, but if thats not a problem its a really simple and effective method.
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