Questions about the auctions and their descriptions

What does '1/10' after the name of the product mean?

1/5 is describing that there are 5 packets of seed of that strain available in total for auctions within a certain deadline. After those auctions close we might have more auctions of the same strain, depending on our stock of seeds for that genetic.

So 6/20 means this is the sixth packet out of 20 packets total.

1/1 means there is only 1 packet for auction.


What is the quantity of seeds being sold in 1 packet of seed?

For MNS products (The Natural & Exclusive Limited Editions) the quantity in 1 packet is 15 seeds.

For Z6 and Z7 the quantity in 1 packet is 10 seeds.


When will the next auction start?

The new auctions have started already and other auctions will be uploaded during the month.

We plan to offer approx 100 packets each month with some limited edition strains, as we clear the fridges.

Check each Monday for the new auctions and strains, as we plan to upload new things over the weekends.


Can I receive information about the next items for auction?

No, you can not, as we list auctions according to what is available.